Real estate, construction, reconstruction

Construction and reconstruction

In this section you will find the necessary information about the documentary support and legalization of construction, reconstruction and functional changes, and other services of law company "EURO-VECTOR" related to real estate. 


  • Making of technical passport
  • Making of technical report
  • Development of city-planning calculation
  • Obtainin  of city-planning conditions and restrictions
  • Construction/reconstruction permit
  • Legalization of redevelopment/renovation
  • Legalization of  unauthorized construction
  • Legalization of outbuilding
  • Legalization of balcony
  • Legalization of garage
  • Legalization of entrance hall arrangement
  • Transferring into residential/non-residential fund
  • Reconstruction of industrial real property
  • Reconstruction of non-residential fund
  • Redevelopment of apartments/reconstruction
  • Change of functional purpose of real property
  • Technical refitting/upgrading of enterprises/real property
  • Comissioning


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