Document preparation for non-residents

The paperwork for foreigners in Ukraine

Visa to Moldova

Base cost 14200.00 UAH

Residence Permit in Ukraine

from 3 working days 10500.00 UAH

Registration of documents for foreign citizens in Ukraine, legalization of foreigners in Ukraine.

from 3 working days 10500.00 UAH

Residence permit in Ukraine for business

base cost 34200.00 UAH

Visa to Ukraine

Preliminary consultation 2000.00 UAH

Visa extension in the territory of Ukraine

28000.00 UAH

Residence permit in Ukraine. Obtaining a temporary residence permit.

from 3 working days 10500.00 UAH

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

from 30 working days 16600.00 UAH

Work permit in Ukraine

10 р.д. 3500.00 UAH

Obtaining a tax number for foreigners and stateless persons. Identification code for non-residents.

Basic cost 2500.00 UAH

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