Registration of business in Ukraine, registration

Registration of business in Ukraine

This section contains information about the services related to the registration of economic activity in Ukraine.


Changing the name of the company in Ukraine

Basic cost 9000.00 UAH

Resident Diia City

Basic cost 9000.00 UAH

Registration of a company with foreign investment

8500.00 UAH

Registration offices of foreign companies in Ukraine

Basic cost 28800.00 UAH

Join LLC (limited liability company) in Odessa, Ukraine. Register Company Odessa. Registration Odessa, Company registration VAT Odessa

Base cost 6100.00 UAH

Registration of private enterprise

4500.00 UAH

Registration as individual entrepreneur in Ukraine

3 working days 2500.00 UAH

Register additional liability company in Ukraine

Basic cost 19000.00 UAH

Registration of general partnership in Ukraine.

Base cost 22000.00 UAH

Registration of Association in Ukraine.

60000.00 UAH

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