Opening a medical office

Opening a medical office

Opening a medical office

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45000.00 UAH


If you want:

  • To be realized in the field of medical entrepreneurship;
  • Provide healthcare services in your own medical office legally;
  • Organize a successful medical center;
  • Open a private doctor's office or dental clinic;

Then you will need a service: OPENING a MEDICAL OFFICE.


EUROVECTOR LAW COMPANY provides high–quality legal services for the support, organization and opening of medical offices, private clinics, medical offices, medical institutions, etc. Our team of professional and highly qualified lawyers and lawyers will open a private medical office in the shortest possible time, as they have an extensive knowledge base in this field and not a little practical experience in opening of a medical office.

We guarantee really qualified and prompt legal assistance at all stages of opening a medical office, medical clinic, medical center, etc.:


Opening a private medical office is a complex multi–stage process that requires considerable labor and time costs. Opening a medical office is far from the easiest type of business, and therefore, in most cases, it requires the help of highly professional lawyers or lawyers who specialize in this area and are familiar with all the nuances and peculiarities of legislation in the field of healthcare.

When opening a private medical office, medical center or clinic, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the profile of the medical institution that you want to open, its scale and type. In private medicine, such types of medical institutions are opened in practice:

  • multidisciplinary;
  • single - profile;
  • specialized;
  • outpatient clinics;
  • blood transfusion, emergency and emergency medical institutions;
  • health resorts;
  • sanitary and preventive institutions.

There are the following types of medical institutions:

  • office for the provision of medical practice services (can be opened by an individual entrepreneur):
  • dentist's office, dermatovenerologist's office, rheumatologist's office, etc.;
  • medical center (legal entity);
  • clinic (legal entity);
  • hospital (legal entity)

After determining the type of medical institution, you need to choose the specialization of medical practice:

  1. 1.Aviation and space medicine
  2. 2.Obstetrics and gynecology
  3. 3.Allergology
  4. 4.Anesthesiology
  5. 5.Bacteriology
  6. 6.Virology
  7. 7.Gastroenterology
  8. 8.Hematology
  9. 9.Laboratory genetics
  10. 10.Medical genetics
  11. 11.Geriatrics
  12. 12.Hygiene of children and adolescents
  13. 13.Occupational hygiene
  14. 14.Food hygiene
  15. 15.Disinfection case
  16. 16.Dermatovenerology
  17. 17.Children's allergology
  18. 18.Pediatric Anesthesiology
  19. 19.Pediatric gastroenterology
  20. 20.Pediatric hematology
  21. 21.Pediatric gynecology
  22. 22.Pediatric dermatovenerology
  23. 23.Pediatric Endocrinology
  24. 24.Children's immunology
  25. 25.Pediatric cardio rheumatology
  26. 26.Pediatric Neurology
  27. 27.Pediatric nephrology
  28. 28.Pediatric oncology
  29. 29.Pediatric orthopedics and traumatology
  30. 30.Pediatric otolaryngology
  31. 31.Pediatric Ophthalmology
  32. 32.Children's pathological anatomy
  33. 33.Child psychiatry
  34. 34.Pediatric pulmonology
  35. 35.Pediatric dentistry
  36. 36.Pediatric urology
  37. 37.Pediatric phthisiology
  38. 38.Pediatric surgery
  39. 39.Children's infectious diseases
  40. 40.Dietetics
  41. 41.Endocrinology
  42. 42.Endoscopy
  43. 43.Epidemiology
  44. 44.General hygiene
  45. 45.General Practice - Family Medicine ​​
  46. 46.Immunology
  47. 47.Infectious diseases
  48. 48.Cardiology
  49. 49.Clinical Biochemistry
  50. 50.Clinical immunology
  51. 51.Clinical laboratory diagnostics
  52. 52.Combustiology
  53. 53.Communal hygiene
  54. 54.Laboratory immunology
  55. 55.Laboratory studies of environmental factors
  56. 56.Laboratory studies of physical environmental factors
  57. 57.Laboratory studies of chemical environmental factors
  58. 58.Physical therapy
  59. 59.Physical therapy and sports medicine
  60. 60.Emergency medicine
  61. 61.Medical psychology
  1. 62.Microbiology and Virology
  2. 63.Neurology
  3. 64.Folk and alternative medicine
  4. 65.Neurology
  5. 66.Neurosurgery
  6. 67.Neonatology
  7. 68.Nephrology
  8. 69.Oncogynecology
  9. 70.Oncology
  10. 71.Oncotolaryngology
  11. 72.Oncosurgery
  12. 73.Organization and management of healthcare
  13. 74.Orthodontics
  14. 75.Orthopedic dentistry
  15. 76.Orthopedics and traumatology
  16. 77.Otolaryngology
  17. 78.Ophthalmology
  18. 79.Parasitology
  19. 80.Pathological anatomy
  20. 81.Pediatrics
  21. 82.Adolescent therapy
  22. 83.Proctology
  23. 84.Radiation therapy
  24. 85.Occupational pathology
  25. 86.Psychiatry
  26. 87.Psychotherapy
  27. 88.Psychophysiology
  28. 89.Pulmonology
  29. 90.Radiation hygiene
  30. 91.Radiology
  31. 92.Radionuclide diagnostics
  32. 93.Rheumatology
  33. 94.Radiology
  34. 95.Reflexology
  35. 96.Sanology
  36. 97.Sexopathology
  37. 98.Sports Medicine
  38. 99.Dentistry
  39. 100.Vascular surgery
  40. 101.Marine medicine
  41. 102.Forensic Histology
  42. 103.Forensic medical examination
  43. 104.Forensic immunology
  44. 105.Forensic forensics
  45. 106.Forensic Toxicology
  46. 107.Forensic cytology
  47. 108.Forensic psychiatric examination
  48. 109.Surdology
  49. 110.Therapeutic dentistry
  50. 111.Therapy
  51. 112.Toxicology
  52. 113.Thoracic surgery
  53. 114.Transplantology
  54. 115.Transfusiology
  55. 116.Ultrasound diagnostics
  56. 117.Urology
  57. 118.Physical therapy
  58. 119.Phthisiology
  59. 120.Functional diagnostics
  60. 121.Surgical dentistry
  61. 122.Surgery
  62. 123.Surgery of the heart and major vessels

Choosing a room for opening a medical office

The next stage will be the preparation of the premises for the future office, clinic, center or hospital. If you are going to build such a room, then you will need:

  • search for suitable land for the construction of a medical facility;
  • you may need to change the purpose of the land plot;
  • it will also be necessary to develop urban planning documentation, issue urban planning conditions and restrictions;
  • in addition, you will need to develop project documentation (design, construction);
  • examination of technical documentation;
  • obtaining permits from GASI for construction or reconstruction, changing the functional purpose of premises, etc.
  • development of a project for automatic installation of fire alarm systems;
  • development of the project of forced ventilation and air conditioning;
  • execution of construction works;
  • commissioning of real estate and registration of ownership rights;
  • technical equipment of the institution;
  • legalizing the property and opening a private medical office.

legalizing the property and opening a private medical office.for a medical institution, legal expertise of the landlord, purchase of various medical equipment, etc..

There is also the option of buying a ready-made equipped room or just a real estate object, which can be reconstructed for your medical business in the future. In this case, you also need to carefully check all title documents, purchase and sale agreements, etc.

After the issues with the premises are determined, it will be necessary to register a business entity, train and recruit personnel, develop and coordinate various permits and constituent documents, certificates, licenses, etc.

The opening of a private medical office is really a long systematic and complicated process from a legal point of view. Therefore, if you do not want to delve into such voluminous and ambiguous legal nuances and features, then contact our EUROVEKTOR LAW COMPANY and we will qualitatively and certainly promptly open a medical office of any medical specialization and regardless of whether it will be a large multidisciplinary clinic or a small private medical office.


Opening a private medical office, clinic, center or hospital implies that your company will deal with the health and lives of people - your customers - every day. Therefore, it is natural that the price of a possible medical error is extremely high. Ukrainian legislation establishes such requirements and norms that are mandatory for all medical institutions.

Running a medical business is fraught with regular inspections and administrative and criminal liability in case of non-compliance with the norms of current legislation. That is why it is necessary to draw up all title and permits on time and certainly efficiently.


The documents are needed when opening a private medical office, clinic, medical center, hospital are individual in each case, so a complete list of them can be provided to you only after studying the material and technical base of the client.



Name of the service

List of events


Investments in UAH.


Opening of a medical office: light package
  • designing;
  • naming, branding, development of a unified style of a medical institution;
  • interior design according to the developed uniform style;
  • internal construction works (according to the project);
  • equipment with fire and security systems;
  • technological equipment;
  • interior design;
  • furnishing;

from 100 days

from 6000,00/ per sq.m.


Name of the service package

The range of services may include:

Cost per month



package EASY START

1Registration of a business entity (FOP)

2Legal examination of the material and technical base, drawing up a plan to eliminate violations

3Preparation of the necessary documentation to bring the material and technical base of the medical office in accordance with the norms

4Obtaining all necessary documents for the operation of the medical office and the provision of medical practice services, including permits for advertising media

5Obtaining a license to practice medicine in the BRAIN

6Accounting services

7Personnel service

8Implementation and maintenance of occupational safety and industrial safety

9Automation of medical office processes (customer cards, history, prevention reminders, mailing letters, etc.)

The base cost is 6000, 00 UAH.




1Tax planning, registration of a business entity (FLP, LLC, representative offices), trademark registration

2Legal expertise of the material and technical base, drawing up a plan to bring the material and technical base (MTB) of the center in accordance with the legislation

3Preparation of the necessary documentation to bring the MTB in accordance with the legislation

4The receipt of all necessary documents for the operation of the medical center and the provision of medical practice services

5Obtaining a license to practice medicine in the Ministry of Health

6accrediting a cent

7buchgalter service

8frame service

9organization and maintenance of health, industrial and fire safety

10Organization and maintenance of environmental safety processes

11Organization and maintenance of fire safety processes

12organization of automation of settlement and cash services

13Site development, connection of feedback forms, etc.;

14The introduction of a customer service automation system (receiving calls, creating a customer card, customer history, loyalty programs, etc.);

15The approval of the management system and the quality of customer service;

16The development of an advertising strategy according to the developed style of the company

Base cost 45000,00 UAH


EUROVECTOR LAW COMPANY has been providing services to individuals and legal entities since 2008. The company's clients who have received one service from us continue to cooperate with us on other services.


Get the service as soon as possible and you are ready to reward the performer.


Provide qualified assistance in the shortest possible time for a fee


The guarantee of the parties' fulfillment of their obligations is the fixation of agreements on paper. Conclusion of the contract at the company's office and payment of remuneration to the company's settlement account guarantees maximum security of the parties.

Permission for berry processing production in Ukraine, the opening of a turnkey berry processing plant.

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