Changing the name of the company in Ukraine

Changing the name of the company in Ukraine.

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9000.00 UAH


In those cases:

  • When you want to increase the company's profit by changing the name and brand of your company;
  • And also if you need to change the name of the company taking into account the new types of activities of the company or for other reasons to perform a legal procedure called "renaming the company",

Then you may need the service of the law firm "Euro-Vector"» – CHANGING the NAME of the COMPANY.


The EUROVECTOR LAW COMPANY cooperates with a lot of businessmen and entrepreneurs working in a variety of directions and spheres. EUROVECTOR LC helps them to arrange all legal and financial issues at their enterprises. In particular, our company also provides a service - the renaming of the enterprise..

The service "changing the name of the company" includes: holding a meeting of founders, preparation of protocols and other documents, submission of documents to the state registrar and, accordingly, support of the registration procedure for making changes to the name of your company.

In addition to organizing amendments to the constituent and other documents, our company's specialists will help you change the seals of the company, which again indicate the name of the company, and also notify the necessary regulatory authorities about the change in the name of the company.

We can guarantee you with absolute confidence that our specialists will solve any issues concerning the renaming of the company in the shortest terms.Come and make sure that it is our company that will be able to help you in changing the name of the company legally, quickly and high quality.


Many entrepreneurs want to attract as many customers as possible, increase their loyalty to the goods produced by the company, increase the uniqueness of their product, etc. For these purposes, it is often necessary to simply change the brand of the company, at least by changing the name of the company.

It is worth noting that the procedures for attracting new customers, improving product recognition, changing the logo, slogan, visual image of the company, etc. are not infrequently carried out due to the complete rebranding of the enterprise or by simply changing the company name.

Also, you may need to rename the company:

  • if you decide to engage in another type of activity;
  • in the case of combining several enterprises into a single complex;
  • in case of a change in the management of the company or in case of a change in the owners of the companies;
  • and much more.

Here, for example, you have fundamentally decided to sell not baby food, but cars, then you will agree that such a company name as, for example, "Baby" will sound absolutely ridiculous. For a reputable car sales company, it would be more correct to perform the procedure:"company name change".

To do this, you will need to study the current legislation and perform a number of legal operations that require not only some financial, but also certain time costs. To help you understand this difficult issue in more detail, we decided to briefly tell you about the main legal aspects of renaming an enterprise.

To begin with, you need to specify the necessary requirements for the name of the company in general.

So, the name of any enterprise should contain information about the organizational and legal form, which is determined in accordance with the classifier. In the name, you can specify the purpose of the activity, the way of the company's consciousness, its type, etc.

When you have already decided on the future name of your company, then you will need to check whether this name is occupied by another entrepreneur, that is, whether there is exactly the same name for another working registered company. If such a name already exists for another company, then the state registrar will refuse to register the procedure - changing the company name.

In order to avoid refusals of state registrars in this regard, it is worth first turning to the Unified State Register, which contains information about all legal entities that are registered on the territory of our state, including their names. It is worth adding that, in order to obtain an extract from the state register about the desired name, you will need to submit a request to the registration service or to a notary, and after 24 hours you will be able to get an extract and calmly draw up the rest of the registration documentation for the future change of the company name. In addition, you can also check the name of the company using electronic services that provide free access to the Unified State Register.

It is very important to remember that it is impossible to use the names of state bodies, local self-government bodies, historical state names and communist symbols in the name of the company.

If you want to rename an enterprise that is a joint-stock company, then you need to take into account that it is possible to do this only in the case of issuing your own shares, corporate investment funds.

Also, it should be borne in mind that the rules set for company names are very similar to the rules that are required for the procedure of renaming an enterprise.

In any case, it is necessary to take into account the fact that renaming a company is, in fact, making changes to the constituent documents. To rename a company, you will need to collect a package of documents, which consists of: the minutes of the meeting, an application for changing the data about your legal entity, a new version of the constituent document. After collecting the necessary documents, you should contact the state registrar with the above package of documents and wait for a decision.

It should also be borne in mind that the registrar's decision may be negative, consideration of the issue may be suspended, and renaming the company is impossible.

But, with the help of our lawyers, you will be able not to burden yourself with unnecessary hassle and unnecessary expenses. The specialists of the EUROVECTOR LAW COMPANY will do everything for you. The renaming of the enterprise will be carried out with minimal labor and financial expenses on your part. We will prepare all the necessary documents, hold meetings, draw up the results of the meeting with a protocol, submit the documents to the registrar and receive his positive decision.


Changing the name of an enterprise is a procedure that involves making changes to the constituent documents. Therefore, everything must be observed to the smallest detail so that the renaming of the company is carried out in accordance with the law.

It is important to remember that you may be denied state registration of renaming:

  • If you do not take into account that the documents must be submitted by an authorized person;
  • If an injunction is imposed on the company to carry out registration operations;
  • If there are no court decisions on the seizure of corporate rights;
  • If the company is liquidated, etc.

In addition, in case of submission of incomplete documents, non-compliance of documents with legislation, indication of incorrect data, non-payment of the administrative fee, violation of the lines of submission of documents, consideration of documents may be suspended and the renaming of the company will not be carried out.

It is worth noting that you will not be able to fully conduct your business if the name of your company does not correspond to its goals and activities.In addition, if you decide to use someone else's name (commercial), then be prepared for legal proceedings and a ban on the use of your name, as well as compensation for damages to the primary owner of this company name.

Taking into account the above, it will be advisable to rename the enterprise with the help of our company, which will quickly and efficiently "give" a new name and new goals for your business.


The state registrar changes the name of the enterprise on the basis of the following documents:

  • Minutes of the meeting;
  • Applications for name change;
  • Administrative fee payment receipts;
  • A document confirming the registration of a foreign person in the country of origin (required by foreigners);
  • The constituent document in the new edition.


Changing the name of the company in Ukraine: Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kyiv - cost and terms of performance of services.

List of events Deadlines Cost


  • Preliminary consultation on the registration procedure and the taxation system of a business entity

до 30 хв

Замовити консультацію



  • Drawing up a list of documents required from the customer
  • Drafting a power of attorney and instructions on the procedure for certifying a power of attorney and other documents
  • Support of the registration
  • Provision of registration documents to the customer

from 10 w.d

The base cost


  • Legal and accounting services for small businesses, charitable, humanitarian, volunteer organizations, representative offices of foreign organizations in Ukraine
annual maintenance more


EUROVECTOR LAW COMPANY has been providing services to individuals and legal entities since 2008. We have developed the company and gained respect for ourselves thanks to the chosen concept of powerful principles: competence, confidence, legitimacy and reliability. The clients of the company receiving services from us feel these four principles of guarantees and choose us as reliable partners and worthy advisers in achieving their intentions. But every new client, like us, has a goal!


Find a decent contractor, get a quality service from him in a short time and make a generous reward to such a contractor.


Find a decent customer, provide him with a quality service in a short time and get a decent reward.


1Ordering a preliminary consultation.

2Determination with a specialist of the company of the list of activities necessary to achieve the goals of the customer.

3Displaying certain services and activities for them in a service agreement.

4Conclusion of the contract: in electronic form (public contract) in accordance with the legislation on e-commerce or at the company's office.


      Payment for company services - remuneration:  ▼


  • to the company's current account according to the electronic invoice. After the conclusion of the contract, the manager sends a link to the e-invoice payment page. After payment, the customer will receive a fiscal receipt by e-mail confirming payment for services;
  • to the company's current account according to the printed invoice. After the conclusion of the contract, the manager sends an invoice to the customer's e-mail or personally in the company's office for payment of services. The customer makes payment at a bank branch or in the electronic account of his bank. After payment at a bank branch or through a personal banking account, the Customer will receive a receipt from the bank confirming payment for services;
  • in cash at the company's office;
  • on the official website of the company - online store UK EUROVECTOR.


6Achievement of the set goal by both parties.



The conclusion of a public contract in accordance with the legislation on electronic commerce or the conclusion of an agreement at the company's office and receipt of payment confirmation (receipt or fiscal check) is a legal confirmation of the fact of the conclusion of the contract. From that moment on, both parties guarantee to fulfill the terms of the contract:

  • customer - provide the necessary documents and information for the company to perform services, make payment;
  • company - perform services.



Ukraine:  Ukraine: Odesa city

Address:  Velyka Arnauts'ka Street 45


Ukraine: Mykolayiv city

Address: St. Artilleryska 19/1 office 305

Registration for admission is carried out on the following contacts


 +38 (094) 9973105
 +38 (093) 1907047
 +38 (098) 1891818
 +38 (099) 5182838

Messengers: WeChat ID: eurovector2008



Call the office of the legal company EUROVECTOR or fill out an application on the website  - 5 minutes.

Administrator's answer, appointment for a consultation with a specialist - 5 min.

Get advice about services,  заполнить  application, make   prepayment of 70% of the total amount of services to the company's current account - 20 min.

Provides   consultation about the complex   services, helps to fill out an application, draws up a contract, an invoice in the amount of 70% of the cost of a set of services - 20 min.

Provide  лично, through an authorized person or through the post office (documents required to receive the service) - 10 мин.

Prepares the documentation necessary for the performance of the service & nbsp; - the terms established by the contract.

Resting or going about their business.

Performs the service - established by the contract timing.

Accept from the legal company EUROVECTOR a completed & nbsp; complex of services and pay the balance at the rate of 30% - 20 мин.

Transfer the Order for the completed range of services and accept payment in the amount of 30% -  20 minutes.

Total 55 minutes

Total terms established by the contract.


Dear readers, partners, clients of the company. We try to keep our articles described in the services up to date and promptly make changes to them, however, LC EUROVECTOR does not guarantee that the services, procedures, list of documents, government payments or the cost of our services described in this article are up to date at the time of reading the article by you.

Articles for services, described on the website of the LC EUROVECTOR, – the vision and opinion of the authors, and the services themselves, offered by the law firm, are advisory in nature and reflect the relevance of legislative acts at the time of publication of the service.

Information, references to legislation or to other articles on the services of LC EUROVECTOR do not guarantee their relevance or full scope, since:

1 Today the legislation of Ukraine has a tendency to constant changes, additions and exceptions.

2 The information may be sufficient for the provision of services by LC EUROVECTOR, but not enough for independent use. Before you independently carry out the procedures described in this article, service, you should carefully read the current legislation. In addition to legislation, there are also practical aspects of its application and technical features of various procedures.

We will be grateful if you contact our specialists.

Registration of Association in Ukraine.

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