Document preparation for non-residents

The paperwork for foreigners in Ukraine

Restoration in citizenship of Ukraine

Basic cost 58000.00 UAH

Registration of vehicles with foreign license plate numbers in Ukraine. Temporary registration of vehicles of foreigners (non-resident) in Ukraine

Consultation 2500.00 UAH

Organization of training of foreigners in the territory of Ukraine

10 р.д. 8000.00 UAH

Acquisition of citizenship by a person recognized by the court as incapable through establishment over this person guardianship by a citizen of Ukraine

от 60 р.д. 18000.00 UAH

Registration of a business invitation to foreigners for entry into Ukraine

10 р.д. 8000.00 UAH

Acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine through acknowledgement of paternity or maternity or ascertainment of the fact of paternity or maternity

от 60 р.д. 18000.00 UAH

Exit permit for permanent residence abroad

20500.00 UAH

Citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin

от 10 р.д. 18000.00 UAH

Return of Ukrainian citizens (with permanent residence abroad) to Ukraine

Base of cost 14000.00 UAH

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